Hello there Little Britain, you look not as threatening as this size…play with me a little won’t you?

oh are you some wizar- wait what?! oh fu-

o-oh…ve~ I suppose this isn’t too bad right?

((impressed with what i managed to come up with in the space of five minutes))

I seem to have missed out on a date for this tumblr prom ve~

would any of you Lovely Bellas like to accompany this lonely Italian boy at this prom~?

Grazie~ maybe i should invite you and Germany over where  you’re for dinner. sound like fun?

one moment sorella

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about ve~

and now I have no more asks

now to go find some random nation to ‘play’ with. I hope I don’t ‘accidently’ cause any long term damage to them before I get more asks