well there was this one person

They screamed so pretty I found a way to get them to sing the Italian National Anthem by inflicting them to torture.

Apparently it was so bad the doctors say they went into shock and completely forgot the event including all the….internal scarring…

Wait…you suddenly look familiar…

Take a left at I don’t give a crap

Straight on at don’t waste my time

then go jump off a cliff~

hope that helps ve~

My whores and I are ready to recieve questions for any of us so don’t disappoint me ve~

too many to count I’m sorry but I got a chance to relive the past so grazie~

I’m on it!

come on place your bets- the best rate anywhere ve~

well first I was a baby and then I was a pimp…

alot has happened recently

and to think i found these two just lying around my goody two shoe’s house~

It’s a good life

if anyone cares I’ll be back answering questions soon just move to more…cleaner establishments…

hopefully the walls clean easier here

Small? oh I was hit by a magic man

But don’t worry won’t be ‘small’ much longer. I just need to fix you a little